25 Color For Short Hair

Having short hair is such a rescuer thing. You have more time, use less product like shampoo and conditioner, you’re cooler in the summer and can toss on a scarf in winter, no problem. But there are very few short hair styles in trend lately so the chance to get a unique look is very unusual. On the other hand you can try some different colors on your short hair to make them look unique as well as trendy.

For example ombre is best reflected on womens long hair but it can look nice on shorter hairstyles as well if it’s chosen right. In this case best colors to choose are brown and blonde. The best pastel hues for short hair colour are light pink, lavender, light blue and mint green. These hair colors are very delightful and look very stylish on short hair cuts.

If you have short hairstyle and don’t know which color to choose for it, then keep your eye on the following 25 Color for Short Hair to decide which color is suitable for your interests.

23 Color For Short Hair