Faux Hawks: 20 Fresh Looks for Fashion Trendsetters

Ready to be bold? Daring? Noticed? Then, let’s do this! Here are 20 new takes on the style known as faux hawk or faux mohawk. Warning: these hairstyles are for those who want to be seen – those who want to be complimented, stared at, and mused over time and time again! Ready? Set? Go, faux hawk girl!

#16: Pink Pixie Princess Faux Hawk

As far as bold moves go, shaved sides + pixie cut + faux hawk = a pretty radical look! Messy bedhead styles never get old, and this one-of-a-kind look has all the excitement of a young Pixie in love. Wear with anything because this hair makes a statement of its own!

16 pink pixie princess faux hawk