Faux Hawks: 20 Fresh Looks for Fashion Trendsetters

Ready to be bold? Daring? Noticed? Then, let’s do this! Here are 20 new takes on the style known as faux hawk or faux mohawk. Warning: these hairstyles are for those who want to be seen – those who want to be complimented, stared at, and mused over time and time again! Ready? Set? Go, faux hawk girl!

#20: Sweet Tart Peaked Faux Hawk

Many female pixie cuts are similar, but this one stands alone! Not just any girl’s faux hawk is powder blue with a line of peaks drawing the eyes in several directions at once. This faux hawk also pushes the boundaries of the style, just perfectly. With hair like this, you won’t have to worry about your outfit matching. It’s the perfect accessory even to the simplest look!
20 sweet tart peaked faux hawk