Pixie Haircuts With Bangs – 40 Terrific Tapers

Every one loves a great hair cut: men, women, young and old! Sometimes it can be hard to find one that is perfect for you and your style. With all those magazines and suggestions from social media gurus, it is easy to become overwhelmed with options! Fear not! This article will give you insight as to how you can choose the perfect pixie cut.

#33: Shaggy Pixie Haircut With Bangs

Rita Ora gives a new definition to the term “shag.” She is seen rocking a platinum blonde pixie cut that is quite unorthodox, yet still keeps your attention! This cut is very unevenly shaped, having pieces varying from jaw length to an inch long! If you’re the type who dares to be different, then this cut will certainly work for you.
33 shaggy pixie haircut with bangs
DFree / Shutterstock.com