40+ Popular Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Balayage is the most popular hairstyle at present. In addition to ombre hairstyles or Brazilian hairstyles, balayage hairstyles dominate the dominant hairstyle trend. So what are balayage hairstyles and why are they so popular?

When you get a balayage hairstyle, your professional hairdresser actually colors your hair with his hands. The effect of Balayage is similar to that of highlighting hair, but the process is much more complex and the effect is much better.

There are many different types of balayage hairstyles that you can choose from. Which balayage style suits you best depends largely on your natural hair color. Usually it’s better to choose a balayage style that is lighter than your original hair color in order to get the most natural appearance.

60 Fashionable Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Choose your ideal options for your hairstyles from the following list of Balayage Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes. Have a happy pinning!