Quick Updos – 20 Ways To Style Your Hair Fast And Pretty

Ever been in a time crunch but you still want to look fabulous? We all have those moments! One way to make the most out of those five minutes for grooming is by utilizing quick updos. They’re spiffy, speedy and spectacular. They are a salvation when you’re in a rush. This article is going to show you 20 easy updos that can be done in 5 minutes or less!

#3: Concealed Braided Halo

The concealed braided halo is a great twist on the typical braided hairstyle. It adds design and sophistication! Start with straight or wavy hair. This style looks best with a loose hair texture. Section off the nape area. Using the rest of your hair, create a braided halo by french braiding from one side to the other. Once the braid is complete, take the nape section and roll it on top of the braid so that this portion of the braid is not visible. Bobby pin it into place.

3 concealed braided halo

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