Quick Updos – 20 Ways To Style Your Hair Fast And Pretty

Ever been in a time crunch but you still want to look fabulous? We all have those moments! One way to make the most out of those five minutes for grooming is by utilizing quick updos. They’re spiffy, speedy and spectacular. They are a salvation when you’re in a rush. This article is going to show you 20 easy updos that can be done in 5 minutes or less!

#9: Heidi Braid Halo

The Heidi braid halo is a renovated form of the braided halo. To do this, start at the front of the head and begin creating a loose french braid going around. Every few folds, drop a chunk of hair and incorporate a new one into the braids. Then, after a few more folds, pick up the dropped strand and add it back into your braid. Continue doing this until you reach the other end of the head.

9 heidi braid halo

Get the detailed tutorial from Joanna Goddard!