Short Hair with Bangs – 40 Seriously Stylish Looks

Bangs are a hair style feature that never seems to fade out or lose its actuality. They transition to go along with new fads, techniques, cuts, and face shapes. You will always see bangs on celebrities and women in the street. You can style them up or down, color them in bright hues and create eye-catching angles to highlight your best facial features. Wanna know how exactly? We will show you some new ideas!

#11: Embrace the Blues

Any fashion forward person knows that there are a lot of other hues outside of the six main colors we learn in grade school. This is not just any ordinary blue; it is a cute mix of cerulean and periwinkle that will earn you major points with a creative crowd. A bowl cut works well with straight hair because it gives you an option of wearing your strands in your face without worrying about them overwhelming you.

11 short pastel blue hairstyle