Short Hair with Bangs – 40 Seriously Stylish Looks

Bangs are a hair style feature that never seems to fade out or lose its actuality. They transition to go along with new fads, techniques, cuts, and face shapes. You will always see bangs on celebrities and women in the street. You can style them up or down, color them in bright hues and create eye-catching angles to highlight your best facial features. Wanna know how exactly? We will show you some new ideas!

So, would you give a try to a short haircut with bangs? Bangs are fun and versatile, especially with a short hair cut. You can easily use them as an accent of your style or brush/pin them to a side or backwards. Having a short cut does not mean you are stuck with one way to style your hair. Look around and try new fun things to see what makes you stand out and feel great. Any hair style that is on a celebrity can be re-created to fit your needs and compliment your personal style.