The Best Winter Hair Colors You’ll Be Dying for in 2022

Whether you want an icy blonde tone, a rich brunette hue or a cute shade from reds for winter, you have a good choice – the pictures below prove that.

Winter is the season of contrasts, that’s why darker browns and light, cool-toned blondes are very welcome for the coldest days of the year. At the same time, if you are willing to test the red palette, you can either go for passionate vine hues or try orangey reds, as hot and magnetizing as flame in a fireplace.

#14: Fire and Fortune Orange Pop – copper hair with yellow highlights

Ready to get daring with the brightest and most unusual hair color for winter? This fire orange will give you a reason to smile every time you look into the mirror. The random lemon yellow highlights accent the shade perfectly. Part your hair on the side to get a seductive swoop over one eye, and curl the bottom portion as you wish. Classy, vintage-inspired in silhouette yet modern in color!