Top 20 All the Rage Looks with Long Box Braids

Women with long hair are a “weakness” of many men. No wonder, long beautiful locks are a sign of good genes. However, growing your hair “that long” is not possible for some of us or too painstaking for the others. With long box braids you can make your long-hair dream come true, at least for a couple of months. They are, indeed, beautiful, fun and simply “wow!”

Whether you opt them to reach graciously to your waistline or even longer, let’s say, the butt length, long box braids offer a full range of superb hairstyles, showing off your “extended treasure”. Even wearing your lengthy box braids loose on both sides over your shoulders with a stylish hat or a printed head kerchief is going to make you stand out of the crowd.

The main attraction of long box braids is its length, so be open to try a variety of styles where your gorgeous braids are worn loose. Twists for the front tresses and high ponytails create effortlessly cool looks, so do the highlighted box braids, if you do not mind a pop of color in your braided mane. Single chocolate or cherry braids usually look quite interesting. Simple middle-parted half up half down styles, draped to one side, also appear very eye-catching.

#16: Janet’s Revival

Remember pictures of Janet Jackson from the 80’s? This is a great new twist on her hairstyle. In this one, the dark bronze color of the hair stands out quite a bit more than a darker brown hue. Pull everything up to the top of the head, and wrap the ponytail with a handful of braids, tucking in the ends for a smooth, flawless wrap.

16 long high ponytail for box braids