Top 40 Catchy Asymmetric Haircuts for Attention-Grabbing Gals

Are you bored with your current haircut? Doesn’t matter how long you have been wearing it, it’s time to introduce something new into your looks. Here I would suggest asymmetry. It works equally well for short, medium-length and long hair. Besides, you may be surprised, but even wavy hair or fine hair can benefit from it, and you’ll see how. I have collected 30 most showy haircuts with asymmetry and present them to your attention in this article.

#13: Asymmetrical Haircut with Jagged Layers

This stunning layered look is a nice asymmetrical solution for long hair. It focuses not on asymmetrical bangs but on different lengths of long strands and choppy texture of the cut.

13 long layered haircut with bangs