40 Popular Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas

When we talk about Thanksgiving, we naturally think of family, celebrating harvest and turkey. We also want to think about nail art designs. Beautiful nail design with festive atmosphere is the easiest way for us to enter the festival.

Thanksgiving has many beautiful and festive ways to make nails. We searched Instagram for the best nail designs, so you know what nail designs are most popular on Thanksgiving. We found 40 popular nail designs that can help you find a good mood on one of the most popular festivals of the year.

6. Falling Leaves

6 Falling Leaves
Instagram / nailsbycambria
While definitely not suited for a nail art newbie, this design is sure to bring you compliments at the Thanksgiving table. The design is perfect for those who aren’t into turkeys, feathers, and pumpkins.
Products used: OPI “I Just Can’t Copa-cabana”, “Where Did Suzi’s Man go”, “Cajun Shrimp”, “Big Apple Red” and “Bubble Bath”.