21 Christmas 2018 Mani Ideas

How’s your Christmas planning going? We’re not getting very much done at all in the way of Christmas gift-buying, outfit planning, or food-thinking. Despite saying each year that we’ll start things off earlier next year, we never do. Life just gets in the way. It’s such a pain!
How are your nails looking? Have you even started thinking about your festive manicure designs yet? Just in case you haven’t, and you’re in the market for some festive inspiration, we’ve got a few looks that you might want to take a quick peek at. Some of them are easily achieved at home, whereas others will more than likely require the booking of an appointment with a nail technician. There’s plenty of unique and wonderful designs, however, so we think that there’s bound to be one that ticks your boxes. Don’t forget to let us know what you think though. There’s a little comment box beneath this post, and we can’t wait to hear which of these festive looks are your favourite …

1 – Cute Pink Christmas Mani

Pastel pink for Christmas … What are your views on this? We love it, and that’s why these little delights have made their way on to this list. With the white reindeers and the silver glitter addition, it’s certainly ticking all the right festive boxes for us. There’s something terribly romantic about them, don’t you think? Plus, we’ve done red so many times, we were dying for a different colour to try out this year. We could probably say the same for green, gold, and maybe even purple and blue too if we’re being honest. Pink saves the day … (Just like it always does!)
1 Christmas 2018 Mani Ideas
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