21 Christmas 2018 Mani Ideas

21 – Christmas Garland Nails

Your Christmas decorations just wouldn’t be complete without a garland, and we think that garlands make for pretty cute Christmas themed nail art too. Just in case you were wondering what our opinion was, of course. It’s cute and simple, maximising the space you have across all of your talons, rather than trying to recreate something small and intricate on each of them.
21 Christmas 2018 Mani Ideas
Source: poobamonster

We hope that we’ve given you plenty of Christmas 2018 mani ideas so that you know what you want, walking into the salon. Or, doing them yourself at home, of course. If you’re doing this, please teach us to do it. And then show us your fabulous designs, whilst giving us permission to share them with the world on our little website … If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right?
(We know, we’re so cheeky!) 
Anyway, we hope that you’re having a fabulous day and that you’ve been able to get plenty of inspo from these fab designs. The artists’ Instagram pages are listed beneath each image, so make sure you go and show them plenty o’ love while you’re browsing around. We love each and every one of them, and we can’t thank them enough for letting us use their images in this piece.
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