21 Snowy Nail Designs

21 – Reindeer Inspired Winter Snowy Nail Designs

Winter just wouldn’t be winter without reindeer in all that snow, and we really dig these simple reindeer silhouettes. To be fair, they could quite easily be deer, rather than reindeer, but we’re not sure if we’d be able to tell the difference. Not in black silhouette form anyway …
21 Snowy Nail Designs
Source: secretjewelgarden

And there they are — 21 snowy nail designs that we think are going to be perfect for the upcoming winter season. We keep reading that it’s going to be a super cold and snowy one, so here’s hoping Christmas really is white this year. And, if not, don’t worry, because at least you’ll have snowy talons to admire.
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Thanks so much for reading. We hope we’ve given you plenty of nail inspiration today. Have a great one!