30 Awesome Nail Hacks You Should Know

Nails have always been an important dimension of beauty and fashion. We all enjoy going to the manicure salon to get our nails done, but sometimes they must do it on our own. But at-home manicures have the potential to be very messy and a little dangerous. It is very easy to mess up our manicure!

Well, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found lots of ingenious and best nail art hacks and guilds that can help make doing your nails so much easier. Take a look at them and start using these advises right now so that you can achieve cute and perfect nail art, learn how to apply nail polish the way the pros do at home and so much more! Enjoy!

Easy Way to Fix Nail Polish Smudges

15 Awesome Nail Hacks You Should Know

If you have the problem with nail smudges while the nails are wet, lick your finger to smoothen the smudge. Saliva softens nail paint and blends it. See the tutorial via torontomesh.