30 Eye-Catching Summer Nail Art Designs

As the weather heats up, drinks become colder, clothes become skimpier and  nail designs become more and more brighter.

This time of the year is all about fun so our collection features nails in vibrant, neon shades paired with some interesting prints and patterns.

Your nails are still not ready for summer? Your better check our list of 30 eye-catching nail art designs. Hurry! Summer is right around the corner!

15. White Flowers + Gold Glitter Accent Nail

15 White Flowers + Gold Glitter Accent Nail
Instagram / just1nail
Here’s a tip for all tan lovers: To appear sun-kissed, simply paint your nails in peachy hues. The gold nail polish used for the accent nail is Sally Hansen ‘Golden Rule’. The bright peach nail polish is JulieG ‘9 to 5’.