31 Camouflage Nail Designs

Whether you’re welcoming home a soldier from battle or just dig the camo style, we think you’re going to love these camouflage nail designs. Long, short, pointed, dipped, traditionally coloured or wonderfully modernised; there is a look to suit every camo-loving babe, and we can’t wait to hear about your favourites.
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1 – Liquid Dripped Camouflage Nail Designs

The cool dripping effect used on these camouflage nail designs has been very popular lately, especially being used as part of the packaging and design of Kylie Jenner’s makeup line. It’s actually a really easy effect to do yourself too, should you fancy getting creative at home. Using those gold tones is a really good way of glamming up quite a dull and otherwise dark style. Camouflage is meant to make you fade into your surroundings after all …
Source: nailsbyly