58 Elegant Wedding Nail Art Designs

When it comes to the big day of your wedding, small details really matter. One of the most important small details is your nails. When you plan your big day, your nails may be something you tend to overlook. Your nails are very important at the wedding.

So, in order to make things right, let's start with 58 elegant wedding nail art designs for any type of wedding.

10. Pink Heart Design

This is a very clever way of using a nail design called negative space. It’s basically using the nude, unpainted base of the nail as the feature design. Painted around a template rather than using a stencil, if that makes sense?
10 Pink Heart Wedding Nails
Instagram / anchous070707
The other nail is not negative space but instead has been painted a shiny silver to accentuate that bling. Perfect ring finger nails if you ask us.