58 Elegant Wedding Nail Art Designs

When it comes to the big day of your wedding, small details really matter. One of the most important small details is your nails. When you plan your big day, your nails may be something you tend to overlook. Your nails are very important at the wedding.

So, in order to make things right, let's start with 58 elegant wedding nail art designs for any type of wedding.

17. White & Silver Glitter Nail Design

Everything looks better on a white nail bed. Minor details are enhanced against the white tips and when it comes to elegant wedding nail art designs, white is a very obvious choice and for very good reason too.
17 Wedding White Nail Design with Silver Glitter
Instagram / LemmingsPolish
There’s the replica engagement ring that we spoke about before, and the look has been brought together brilliantly with a pop of glitter just as we suggested. You want your nails to sparkle as much as your ring and this is definitely the way to do it.