31 Looks: Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Did you know that the colour pink wasn’t always used as a symbol for a baby girl? In fact, for many years, the colour pink was actually associated with emotion, rather than gender — happiness and joy. And, of course, thanks to Mean Girls, “on Wednesdays we wear pink”. Just in case you needed some #nailinspo for your next manicure, we would like to present to you some pretty pink nail inspiration.

1 – Pink Chequered Gradient Nails

It looks complicated and fussy, but these cute chequered gradient nails are cool because of how simple they are. You should first start by painting your nails with a base coat, because this helps to protect your nails, stop them from being stained yellow with bright colours. It also helps to make your mani last longer, especially when used with a good top coat too. Once your base coat has dried, simple use tape to mask off the areas that you would like to leave white. The rest of the nail — the parts that you want to paint in your contrasting colour — will be left un-taped. The gradient effect can be achieved by using two or three shades of pink, getting lighter or darker, painted in stripes onto a clean makeup sponge. When you dab that sponge onto your nail, the un-taped sections will get their little pink makeover, but the taped sections won’t. Again, once everything has dried, simply remove the tape and you’re good to go, ready to apply your top coat and rock those pretty pink nails. Simpler than you thought, right?
Source: kandeenails