31 Pretty Pink Nail Inspiration

Do you know that pink is not always used as a symbol of baby girls? In fact, over the years, pink has actually been associated with emotions, not gender – happiness and joy. Of course, thanks to the mean girls, “Every Wednesday we wear pink clothes.” To prevent you from needing some nail polish for your next nail repair, we would like to introduce some beautiful pink nail to you.

1 – Pink Chequered Gradient Nails

It looks complex and fussy, but these cute grid gradient nails are cool because they are simple. You should primer your nails first, because it helps protect your nails from being dyed yellow by bright colors. It also helps to make your nails last longer, especially when used with a good overcoat. Once your undercoat is dry, cover the white area you want to leave with tape. The rest of the nails, which you want to draw with your contrast, will not be taped. Gradient effect can be achieved by using two or three colors of pink, lightening or darkening, and applying stripes on a clean cosmetic sponge. When you put a sponge on your nails, the part without tape will get pink decoration, but the part with tape will not. Again, once everything’s dry, just take the tape away and you’re ready to put on your coat and shake those beautiful pink nails. It’s simpler than you think, isn’t it?

Source: kandeenails