31 Stylish Peacock Nail Art Designs Ideas

Peacocks may be one of the most beautiful animals on earth. The bird has long tail feathers and out-of-this-world colours. It has been a source of inspiration for many artists for centuries, but there seems to be some secrets hidden beneath these beautiful feathers.

For example, when peacocks shake their tail feathers, they also emit a very low-frequency hum that can be heard by other peacocks, but not by humans.

Anyway, except for the interesting peacock facts, we decided to design the beautiful peacock on our nails. We hope you can sit comfortably, because you are about to see some beautiful peacock nail designs!

1 – Beautiful & Elegant Peacock Nail Art

Let’s get straight to the point, these animals are absolutely blooming beautiful. A great way of using those metallic shade s that you never seem to reach for, the beautiful peacock design has been hand-painted with a dark, black background. If you wanted your peacocks to stand out a bit more, there’s nothing wrong with substituting that black background for a lighter shade — silver, perhaps? Or maybe even a gold or bronze tone? We loved the way the black has been used in this design though, we must admit.

1 Peacock Nails
Source: hermitwerds