35 Bright Summer Nail Designs

Nail designs are a way to show off our character and to be original.  When you see someone with exciting nails, your eyes are instantly drawn to them.  Let’s face it, we all want sexy summer nails this season but some of us aren’t that great at nail design.  Nail designs can look amazing but daunting to do yourself.  Don’t panic, we at Stay Glam have come up with 35 bright summer nail designs for everyone.  We have simple, bold, glittery, striking and stunning nails for you to try.  When you see these gorgeous nail designs, you’ll not look back and maybe you’ll be having these styles all year round and not just for summer.  You can always add darker colours to your design.  Have fun looking at our summer nails and we hope you try a few styles out!

18. Turquoise & Gold Matte Design

If you’re thinking that glitter and matte don’t work well together, then just look at this photo to prove you wrong.

18 Teal Gold Matte Nail Design for Summer

Instagram / melimelr
This look has it all – a summer vibe, glittery and the new trend, which is the matte effect.  This is all styles wrapped up in one.