55 Super Easy Nail Designs

It’s time to come out of hibernation girls and make sure your nails are looking gorgeous, it’s nearly summer! Brush the dust off your nail box and unleash the bright colours. Everyone wants to look fabulous this summer, so be the first in line to kick off the summer vibe. If you don’t have the money to make an appointment at the beauty salon, do not worry.

We have come up with 55 super easy nail designs for you to do yourself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to paint your own nails. Yes, it is difficult to paint either your left or right hand, depending which hand you write with, but you can always ask a friend to help or practice yourself and you’ll be able to do it yourself.

We have a selection of designs to look through. From accent nails, bright colours, to glitter heaven, there’s a design for everyone. These designs look amazing and are simple and easy to do. It’s always good to look and feel amazing so get your nail polish box out and start today. We are here with a fabulous collection of 55 uber easy nail designs. The best thing about painting your own nails at home, is that you can have the freedom to change your nail colour and design on a daily basis if you wish. Have fun looking.

9. Colorful Polka Dot Nails

Having fun and colourful nails is sometimes a must!
9 Colorful Polka Dot Nails for Spring
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It’s coming up to summer and summer is all about having fun in the sun. Lying on the beach with your friends and having a good time whilst having gorgeous nails. We all know people that match their bikini with their nails, right? Why don’t you do the same? Begin with a neutral base and use as many bright colours as you wish. Start to add the polka dots and you will see the transformation commence! They almost look like sweets!
Products used: China Glaze ‘Plur-ple’, ‘Too Yacht to Handle’, ‘Highlight of my Summer’, ‘Daisy Know my Name?’, ‘Home Sweet House Music’ and ‘Rose Among Thorns’.