25 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas & Tutorials

This Valentine’s Day, make everyone on your card list feel more than special when they open the envelope from you with one of these heartfelt greetings. Find inspiration for writing your personalized notes inside as you reflect on good times together and all that they mean to you.
Handmade and inscribed with love, early Valentines were made for tying on doorknobs or slipping under a door. One of these delightful designs is sure to send your sweetheart swooning or get your girlfriends giggling.
Teachers will love our ideas for Valentine’s Day cards students can craft themselves. Parents will find ideas for skipping the store-bought Valentines this year and helping their children make cool cards with sweet surprises tucked in for classmates.
As you give your heart away this year, get started with one of these unique DIY Valentine’s Day cards. Because nobody loves them like you do.

Candy Hearts Shaker Card

1 DIY Valentines Day Card Ideas  and  Tutorials

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30 DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas & Tutorials

Chalkboard painting is a trend that’s been growing for a couple of years now. The range of items being painted is expansive. Chalkboard paint has brought flexibility to labeling systems, a sharp presentation when used on walls and home decor, and fun for kids who actually get to use the chalk! Bloggers and DIY enthusiasts are coming up with new uses for this contemporary product every day.
From chore charts to wine glasses to kids coloring tables, chalkboard painting is an easy craft technique that can be accomplished in as little as a few hours, depending on the project. Most craft stores carry small bottles for around $3 and hardware stores carry the spray can version for about $5. Getting organized, adding a modern design element, or giving your kids something to do has never been easier. If you want to join the phenomenon of chalkboard painting, take a look at these DIY ideas and tutorials.

Spruce Glass Kitchen Jars Up With Chalkboard Paint Labels

1 DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas  and  Tutorials

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52 Amazing DIY Mason Jar Ideas & Tutorials

Because of Pinterest and crafty blogs, mason jars have taken the internet and the world by storm. There are so many uses for them, from the practical to the decorative. Whether you are planning a wedding, creating cute holiday decor, or just want to add a pretty touch to your home, these ideas are for you.
The list below contains over 50 fun DIY projects that will turn everyday mason jars into amazing new pieces. With these easy tutorials, people of any skill level can make these cool crafts. And don’t worry if you are not into the “country” aesthetic. Mason jars are super versatile and can fit in with lots of different decorating schemes. With these ideas to choose from, everyone is sure to find a project they love on this list. Read on to learn how to make those old mason jars into something unique and new!

Snowy Mason Jar

1 Amazing DIY Mason Jar Ideas  and  Tutorials

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32 Easy Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Kids

Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic holiday for adults. It is also a fun time for kids to show their affection for their friends and maybe even their little crush. The list below has tons of fun ideas for Valentine treats, gifts, and crafts that you can help them make at home.
Are you tired of shelling out lots of money for store-bought Valentine’s cards for your kid’s class? Or maybe you are bored of the same old styles and want to make something creative and unique for your child to hand out to her friends. The DIY ideas below are fun, cute, and easy for your little one to make either by himself or with your help. From cute crafts and sweet decorations to treats and cards that will make his classmates smile, these DIYs feature Valentine’s favorites like hearts, candy, and of course red and pink hues.

Kids Valentine’s Candy Huggers

1 Easy Valentines Day DIY Ideas  and  Tutorials for Kids

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30 Easy Spring Craft Ideas & Tutorials for Kids

Spring brings a rejuvenation of energy to the world. Plants bloom, trees sprout new leaves, and kids seem to regain their lively spirit as the temperatures rise and they are able to go outside more. Help them focus some of their energy into a productive craft activity. Creative arts support all areas of a child’s development. Fine motor control, social skills, observational skills, imagination, and experimentation are all used when completing art projects. Additionally, arts and crafts time can be a wonderful way to bond and connect with your child.
Arts and crafts don’t have to take a lot of time or be a hassle. If your child seems to have boundless energy now that spring has sprung, take a look at these easy spring craft ideas and tutorials. You’re sure to find one that will keep their interest, teach them something new, and generate a time-friendly, family bonding experience.

Egg Carton Flowers

1 Easy Spring Craft Ideas  and  Tutorials for Kids

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41 Adorable Crochet Baby Sandals With Free Patterns

Baby shoes, especially baby sandals, are so darn cute! But many times the plastic or foam ones from the store can be hard to get on baby’s feet and uncomfortable for her to wear. That is why crochet baby sandals are an adorable alternative. They are soft, easy to put on, and so cute! There are tons of different designs you can make and each pattern is easy to customize with your favorite colors. Many of the ideas can be adapted for baby boys or girls by simply changing the colors of the yarns.
The precious sandal ideas below include free patterns that are easy to follow. Whether you want whimsical sandals with butterflies or flowers or are looking for mini versions of your own favorite shoes, this list has something cute for you. Get baby ready for the warm weather with these adorable crochet baby sandal ideas!

Adorable Red Baby Sandals

1 Adorable Crochet Baby Sandals With Free Patterns

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