22 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends

Getting your best friends a present can be quite the ordeal. You want it to be special and to show that you love and value them, but also that you know them so well that you can figure out their likes and dislikes. Most of all though, you want it to be special, which is why it always takes months of careful preparation, investigation and planning – and even then, you might still be empty handed on the eve of the event when you’re due to hand out said present.
There is one thing you should know though. Whether your best friend is a girly girl or a sporty type, a person who already has everything or someone who doesn’t care about material things at all, it is truth that it is the thought and effort you put into it that counts when buying or, perhaps more importantly, making a gift for your best friend.

So whether you’re looking for something that is quirky and original or a fun and sweet gift, store-bought, customizable or truly handmade, we’ve got you covered here with our gallery of perfect gift ideas for your best friends. The hard part will be to choose which project to try your hand at, we promise!

Picture Collage

1 Picture Collage

Cute idea for displaying pictures of your best friends from home to your college dorm. Via weheartit.

21 Beautiful Balloon Arch Ideas

Whenever and wherever there is a celebration, plenty of colourful balloons are a must! It goes without saying that every party and gathering is incomplete without some catchy decor and so we have shared here a compilation of some amazing DIY balloon arch ideas. These arches are not only fun and creative to make but are also very cost-effective. They will look great as a back drop of a photo booth or as a wall or roof decor for your party. These easy to make DIY balloon arches have the tendency to transform the whole atmosphere from gloomy to happy!

Whimsical Balloon Arch with Tutorials

1 Whimsical Balloon Arch with Tutorials

This beautiful fairytale balloon arch is a perfect backdrop for your wedding or bridal shower. With its intricately woven arch and plenty of balloons of all sizes and patterns, it is definite to give a fairytale affect to your party. Little additions like flowers and ribbons to the arch make it all the more sophisticated and beautiful. thehousethatlarsbuilt.

17 Awesome Before and After Living Room Makeovers

Your living room is more or less the reflection of your personality and it is also the first thing that can be seen when someone enters your home usually. So it is very necessary to design and decorate your living room in a way that gives out good vibes and a welcoming notion when someone visits your home.
Changing the color palette is what most people usually do while remodelling the living room. Rearranging the furniture layout might get extra space and make your living room more enjoyable. Check out these awesome before and after living room makeovers for your inspiration. No matter how rough a day someone has, seeing an inviting and welcoming living room will always cheer us up.

Abstract Art For Living Room

1 Abstract Art For Living Room

A perfect example of using a small space to make something extraordinary. By adding just a few soft colors and an abstract painting which is covering almost half of the wall has completely changed the whole outlook of the living room. The lamps which have been added will illuminate the room at night as well as give a beautiful feeling. westelm.

30 Cool DIY Gift Ideas For Dad From Kids

DIY projects are great for kids because it lets them play while keeping them focused and busy. It is not by chance that primary and pre-schools often enforce these kinds of projects and have kids doing them for various holidays and celebrations. They aren’t just great to do at school and share with the community, though. In fact, a lot of DIY projects are safe and fun for kids to complete at home, with the help of adult or older siblings, and they can become great and unique gifts that have a special meaning.
Here are some cool DIY gift ideas that kids can try to make and give their dads – and sometimes other people too, with little modifications.

DIY Gold Metal Father’s Day Gift

1 DIY Gold Metal Father’s Day Gift

This gift is very sweet – in more than one sense – and it is really simple to do, as all that is needed is a metal tin, sweets to fill it with, paints and ribbon or paper. Once the tin is painted and filled, all there is to do is glue the ribbon and you have a truly sweet and surprising medal to reward the best father. via craftymorning.

33 Creative Makeup Storage Ideas And Hacks For Girls

Girls love having and collecting an array of beauty products, makeup and accessories. Sometimes, lining them up on the bathroom counter or cabinet isn’t an option for many reasons. There’s just too much stuff to fit there, it isn’t handy when getting ready in the morning and it just isn’t pretty enough.
Girls need to be able to look at and easily reach for their beauty essentials in the morning, because otherwise there is a real chance that they might forget about this product or that after a while, no matter how lovely it is.
In this gallery you will find creative and awesome ways to store your beauty and makeup products, display your gorgeous perfumes and much more. Get ready to be inspired!

DIY Perfume Stand

1 DIY Perfume Stand
Cake stands are a great way to display just about anything, so long as they are big and sturdy enough for the items. This black, ornamental one looks perfect as a perfume display, as it holds them while allowing you to easily see and reach for each bottle. via peekandponder.

35 Awesome DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Tutorials

Ever dreamed of having a micro garden? Then fairy gardens would be great for you.
Fairy gardens might be inspired by mythical, magical and tiny creatures, but you obviously don’t have to believe in fairytales to build one. All you need is creative imagination, small items that you can easily find in your house or the dollar store, patience and attention to details.
Fairy gardens are quite basically micro gardens, so you can easily build your own with little space and a creative mind. Check out these awesome DIY fairy garden ideas & tutorials. Create a perfect place to invite your tiny friends to lay their magic dust or just add a different touch to your gardening projects right now!

DIY Teacup Fairy Garden

1 DIY Teacup Fairy Garden
You can build a tiny world in a big teacup or in this case plant a really small garden. The China cup is a great setting with its watercolor painting and unique shape, and the little doll chair on top adds the ultimate whimsical touch. via lifeisaparty.