45 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles You Will Love

French braid hairstyles are very trendy and fashionable. They are easy to make and carry. In different hairstyles, it is best to choose a hairstyle suitable for hair texture and length.

French braid hairstyles are also the eternal classic hairstyle, which is perfect in many occasions. From high-end evening events and weddings to town leisure days, French braids will match every suit perfectly. All you have to do is master some knitting techniques and be creative.

1 French Braid Hairstyles

52 Pretty Side Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair You Should Try

Side braid hairstyles are the beautiful and sexy hairstyle. If you’re looking for an appropriate way to make your hair look more vibrant, side braid hairstyle is your best choice.

Traditional braided hairstyle, all the beauty is at the back, so side braid hairstyle is more interesting and more advantageous! The side braid hairstyle for long hair below provides some very beautiful ideas.

1 Side Braid Hairstyles

36 French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

French braids look cool and fashionable. You can choose to braid your hair partly or wholly, since you can create so many styling possibilities.

French braids look cool and fashionable. You can choose to braid your hair partially or totally, because you can create so many possibilities for styling.

If you are tired of your usual hairstyle or want to make some changes, you can choose a beautiful and enviable French braid. People believe that the romantic and charming French braids can bring you a lot of fun.

17 long messy ponytail with two braids

40 Awesome Jazzed Up Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

Every woman wants to see her hair styled easily yet with chic. We are thrilled with elaborate-looking dos which in reality are pretty simple. Fishtails are among them. You can wear them relaxed and sloppy, sleek and tight, wrapped around your head or twisted in a bun, blended with a pony or left loose on the cushion of luxurious locks. Fishtails adjust themselves to your type of hair and may look very versatile accordingly. Celebrities have been pleasing us with very memorable and distinct braided looks, and we couldn’t pass them without attention. Today braided hairstyles are being rocked at weddings, proms, parties, romantic dates and in every day life. Whether you have already tried them or not, you’ll find useful braiding tips and interesting ideas of braided hairstyles to adopt from the gallery below.

Tricks Of Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

A fishtail braid has an inverted pattern that is actually very simple to weave. Instead of 3 sections of hair you are working with only 2. The main principle is taking a strand of hair from the outside of one section and bringing it to the inside of the other section. Although the scheme itself is rather uncomplicated, you can link up your creativity and come up with some truly breathtaking braided looks. Here are a couple of braiding tips which may be handy.

Looser and more relaxed fishtails look more interesting and stylish than tight and uniform braids. When weaving a fishtail for a more distinct and elaborate look, you may vary the size of strands, like 1-inch section, 3-inch section, 2-inch section and all over again.
For a side fishtail you should make a low side pony first, securing your hair with an elastic that can be removed afterwards.
If your hair is not very thick, you can gain thickness, adding some texture with a curling iron and further backcombing, for instance.
Messy braided looks are currently extremely popular. You can either try to stretch your braid apart with your fingers to make it look looser or pull out occasional strands, which works great with layered haircuts.
Anyway, if you have never tried weaving a fishtail, just take a minute to practice. And look what fantastic dos you may create on its base.

Today’s Most Fabulous Braided Hairstyles

Let’s see all that in examples.

#1: Sweet and Soft Half Up Fishtail Braid

This fishtail braid is a little looser than the average plait, with a gentle touch to it, enhanced by the highlights. The ends of the side braids meet below the crown of the head and continue down into one gorgeous braid below. The freely hanging part of the braid is almost lost in the cloud of soft, touchable waves.

1 half updo with fishtail

Top 25 Tree Braids Hairstyles

Women often encounter such annoying hair issues as brittleness and dryness, lack of length and laborious styling routines. Tree braids are an excellent solution to all of them. Opting for this type for natural hair extensions, you will be able to protect your natural hair, gain a fantastic mane of desired length and thickness within just a few hours and get an awesome base for numerous effortless hairstyles, ideal for an office day, a night out or a very special event.

Top 25 Tree Braids Hairstyles

Let’s check the ideas.

#1: Wavy Centre-Parted Tree Braids

If you long for the look of 1970s-inspired hair, then this sexy, retro hairstyle is absolutely perfect. The tree braids are parted down the middle, and the free-flowing locks are softly curled to create retro waves. There are also a few subtle auburn highlights in the very front to add just a hint of color.

1 long hairstyle with tree braids