35 Creative and Easy Easter Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids

Looking for creative and easy Easter crafts that the kids can make with you? You’re in the right place. These interesting Easter projects are ideal for craftsmen of all ages and skill levels!

From bunnies, chickens and eggs to baskets and wreaths, all the Easter gifts you want to make can be found on this interesting list.

1. Make super cute egg carton animals

1 Make super cute egg carton animals
Tutorial via Everyday Dishes

26 Creative and Fun Easter Egg Decorating and Craft Ideas

Coloured Eggs are the symbol of Easter. So today, we want to inspire you with all kinds of amazing ideas about decorating Easter eggs. You have to work hard to do this Easter.

Most of these DIY Easter Egg projects are easy to make and won’t take up much of your time. We have chosen multi-functional eggs to help you choose from the decorative materials and methods of eggs.

1. Add some glamour to your Easter eggs by dressing them up in gold leaf

1 Add some glamour to your Easter eggs by dressing them up in gold leaf
Tutorial via Vicky B.

52 Gorgeous Spring And Easter Wreath Ideas

It’s time to celebrate Spring and Easter with some beautiful home decorations. There’s nothing like homemade wreaths that evoke memories of warm and happy times. If you want to make your home look beautiful, fresh and colorful, check out this list of gorgeous spring and Easter wreath ideas.

In addition, many of them have step-by-step tutorials and are easy to make. These spring and Easter wreaths will certainly add more freshness and joy to your home decoration!

Awesome DIY Spring Tulip Wreath

1 Awesome DIY Spring Tulip Wreath
This beautiful tulip wreath might look complicated but it is SO easy to make. Just grab a goodwill wreath and your glue gun! Get the tutorial via fromthefamilywithlove.

47 Easter DIY Crafts Tutorials & Ideas

Easter is coming. Are you ready to decorate and celebrate Easter? If you don’t have the idea of Easter crafts, you’re in the right place.

Here, we have collected a lot of DIY ideas for your Easter needs. From exquisite Easter eggs, colorful flower centers to Easter desserts, we offer something for each DIYER in this series. Take a moment to browse through these ideas, and you’ll find something simple and interesting to unleash the festive atmosphere so that you can show yourself at Easter.

Easter Mason Jars with Washi Tape

1 Easter Mason Jars with Washi Tape
Use washi tape to make shapes to add to painted jars. Perfect for your Easter table decoration! Get the steps via the country chic cottage.

74 Cute Nail Art Designs for Easter

If you’re looking for cute nail art designs for Easter, you’re in the right place! Our collection of 32 Easter nail designs will certainly inspire you and stimulate your creativity.

Your nails shouldn’t be ignored this year. So, when you finish drawing Easter eggs, be sure to decorate your nails as well. Without rabbits, chickens and eggs, Easter eggs are incomplete, right? But even if your nail technology is not fully developed, you can redesign most of the designs we choose. Enjoy!

1. Nail Design for Long Nails

1 Nail Design for Long Nails