56 Scary Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas

56 Scary Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas

That scary time of year when you love to experiment with your makeup, we are talking about Halloween. When thinking about Halloween, we tend to think about costumes rather than our faces. If you want to be original and show off your makeup skills, then think about doing your own makeup for Halloween. This way, nobody will look like you and it will save you money. If you have an amazing scary face, then you can dress in whatever you fancy. It’s all about having the Halloween face, your outfit you can think of later.

The best scary Halloween makeup looks are presented in this post. The holiday is soon, so it is time to pick your image for a party, and makeup is an essential part of it. Will it be hot or scary, have you decided already? But scary can be hot, too. Just practice beforehand to ensure that your look is really cool.

When we were kids, we used to wear those plastic masks and basic crayons to draw attention on Halloween, but those are past things. Today creativity comes into the picture, if you have a wide imagination, then the possibilities are endless.

1 Scary Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas
You probably don’t have the artistic talent yourself, you can always find a makeup artist to help you with your imagination. If you want to scare your friends, then your best bet is one of these incredible Halloween makeup ideas.

37 Easy Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women

Halloween makeup ideas are becoming more and more popular with each day. And there is no wonder why – the holiday is getting closer with every hour. So, have you decided on what your makeup for Halloween is going to be?

Cat makeup is always popular on Halloween, for those who want a more seductive look, a sexy kitten is always a good choice. Or you could go for a more innocent and playful look. And don’t forget the black bodysuit, lacy black tights and, of course, your kitty ears and tail!

Another look that is becoming increasingly popular is sugar skull makeup. As it started with Día de Muertos, (Day of the Dead), it has become a very trendy look for Halloween.

1 Easy Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas For Women

Halloween makeup is that special thing that can make you look unique even if your costume leaves much to be desired. Pick what you think suits you most, do not think about the others!

Halloween makeup is so much fun. You have so much room for creating unique sexy and/or scary Halloween looks. From horror makeup to cute and fun looks, there are hundreds of fun makeup designs for Halloween. Click NEXT below to browse the gallery!

26 Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts For Your Kids

Halloween used to be the kid holiday. The kids love to dress up in a cool costume and go around the neighborhood filling their bag or plastic pumpkin with delicious candy. They can stay up late to enjoy Halloween festivities. Then go back home with heavy haul of chocolate and other sweet treats.
Kids also love to participate in the DIY activities for Halloween costumes and decorations. And the process of making cute DIY Halloween crafts that looks fantastic and makes your festival even more special is creative, frugal and fulfilling for kids. Today, in this post, we have rounded up tons of DIY Halloween projects that are fun and easy for kids to do.
Just take 5 minutes to browse through these creative DIY Halloween decoration ideas for kids and get crafty. You can take use of old tin cans to make cute Halloween bowling. You can also turn your going to throw away toilet paper rolls into lovely Halloween lanterns. So which ones are going on your list of things for kids to do this Halloween? Would love to hear about them when you give them a try. Hope this was a nice little break in your day and that you are now supercharged with tons of creating inspiration!

DIY Halloween Bowling Set

1 DIY Halloween Bowling Set

Get the tutorial here.

22 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is right around the corner. Are you ready for it? Are you still struggling to look for some creative Halloween costumes for your kids? Instead of spending a small fortune on buying the kids a costume at the party stores or costume shops, you can make the costume yourself with your kids at home this year. Kids will have great fun to help you to create their trick or treat outfit.
Today, in this post, we have rounded up 10 cutest and easy to make Handmade Halloween kids’ costumes for your inspiration. These kids costumes are so fun and kids can rock them like no one else. If you like these costume ideas, don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest or whatever social networks. Have fun!

DIY Unicorn Costume for Kids

1 DIY Unicorn Costume for Kids


19 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween Decorating

When it comes to fall or Halloween decorating, pumpkins are our go-to project idea for bringing the beauty of autumn indoors to any room, backyards, porch or garden. Various pumpkins are set on every available flat surface in our home this time of the year.
To help you decorate with pumpkins for Halloween, we have rounded up some fun pumpkin carving ideas for your inspiration. These carving ideas are also endlessly creative and varied, yet still suit the holiday. Cute, simple, traditional, funky, colorful, playful and unique! There must be something for you. Just take 5 minutes to browse through our roundup and give your favorite one a try with fun. Start now! Have fun!

Cute Owl Pumpkin Carving

1 Cute Owl Pumpkin Carving


28 Spooky & Festive DIY Halloween Light Ideas

Creative lights are great for Halloween decoration. They can make a Halloween scene scarier or a Halloween party more entertaining. With the right lighting, even an empty yard can look haunted and spooky.
Check out these creative Halloween light ideas, which are perfect additions to any haunted house. From DIY ping pong ball ghost lights or spooky Halloween window to DIY packing tape ghost or DIY glowing skeleton hands, there are so many clever ways of using lights in your party or home decorations. They will surely help you to create a ghoulish ambience and transform your home into a haunted house.

DIY Illuminated Pumpkin Arch

1 DIY Illuminated Pumpkin Arch

Awesome fall jack-o-lantern arch made from PVC and foam pumpkins! Via halloweencrafts