40 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

It can be very difficult sometimes to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man. Sure, you could always get him chocolates, but you want to get him something really special, that he will actually cherish, not something generic that took you two minutes to pick up in the store. Or maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of money this Valentine’s Day on a gift. What better gift than something made by your own two hands? Even if you are short on time, or not very skilled at crafts, you can make your husband or boyfriend something he’ll love on Valentine’s Day.
Check out these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him. You’re sure to find something that you’ll love to make, and he’ll just love. And don’t worry if it’s perfect. He’ll love it just because you made it for him. Remember, nothing says “I love you” like a gift you did yourself.

DIY Exploding Box

1 DIY Valentines Day Gifts for Him

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25 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas & Tutorials

This Valentine’s Day, make everyone on your card list feel more than special when they open the envelope from you with one of these heartfelt greetings. Find inspiration for writing your personalized notes inside as you reflect on good times together and all that they mean to you.
Handmade and inscribed with love, early Valentines were made for tying on doorknobs or slipping under a door. One of these delightful designs is sure to send your sweetheart swooning or get your girlfriends giggling.
Teachers will love our ideas for Valentine’s Day cards students can craft themselves. Parents will find ideas for skipping the store-bought Valentines this year and helping their children make cool cards with sweet surprises tucked in for classmates.
As you give your heart away this year, get started with one of these unique DIY Valentine’s Day cards. Because nobody loves them like you do.

Candy Hearts Shaker Card

1 DIY Valentines Day Card Ideas  and  Tutorials

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32 Easy Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas & Tutorials for Kids

Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic holiday for adults. It is also a fun time for kids to show their affection for their friends and maybe even their little crush. The list below has tons of fun ideas for Valentine treats, gifts, and crafts that you can help them make at home.
Are you tired of shelling out lots of money for store-bought Valentine’s cards for your kid’s class? Or maybe you are bored of the same old styles and want to make something creative and unique for your child to hand out to her friends. The DIY ideas below are fun, cute, and easy for your little one to make either by himself or with your help. From cute crafts and sweet decorations to treats and cards that will make his classmates smile, these DIYs feature Valentine’s favorites like hearts, candy, and of course red and pink hues.

Kids Valentine’s Candy Huggers

1 Easy Valentines Day DIY Ideas  and  Tutorials for Kids

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St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles – 15 Snazzy ‘Dos For Those Who Are In Love

On St. Valentine’s Day a miracle happens: millions of couples from all over the world confess their love, get married or simply give surprises to their other halves. Every lady should look her best, when going through these exciting moments. A romantic hairstyle will make your man’s heart beat faster, and you’ll feel even more attractive and feminine.

Ideas of St. Valentine’s Day hairstyles for short, medium and long hair can be peeked when viewing pictures in women’s magazines or on TV. But it’s better to choose the trendiest hairstyle varieties, looking through chic images of celebrities from different events. Our review offers you the best hairstyle ideas you can use when planning your hairstyle for St. Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Long Hair

#1: St. Valentine’s Day Hairstyle Idea For Long Hair From Jennifer Lopez

One of the trendy looks we have seen on the catwalks is a simple downdo with sleeked back straight tresses. Jennifer Lopez got inspired by this hair idea and brought it to life at the American Music Awards. If you want to duplicate the look for Valentine’s day, remember that you need to achieve shiny locks with well-trimmed ends. Bronding is an awesome hair color solution for brown hair to go with this hairstyle.

1 st. valentine day hairstyle idea for long hair from jennifer lopez

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53 Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Ideas & Tutorials

When Valentine’s Day is coming, why not create a festive Mason jar craft to help you get into the warm and fuzzy spirit? We are more than happy to bring you a roundup of Valentine’s Day Mason jar ideas & tutorials. From beautiful heart Mason jar lights or picture in a Mason jar to lace stenciled Mason jar flower vase or glitter heart and stripes Mason jar, there are so many cool things to do with jars!

Valentine Painted and Distressed Heart Mason Jars

1 Valentine Painted and Distressed Heart Mason Jars

Make heart painted mason jars and fill them with flowers for a cute thoughtful decoration for the sweet day. Get the tutorial via masonjarcraftslove.

35 Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

his Valentine’s Day impress your partner with some cute festival nail art. Whether you’re going out for a romantic dinner, cozying up on a sofa and watching Netflix, or just spending the night with friends, make sure your mani and pedi are on point!
We’ve found 35 adorable nail design ideas for you to try before February 14. These designs are going to make you even more excited for the festival. For some of them, we’ve even included the exact polish shades. Enjoy!

1. Pink Ombre Nails with Black Hearts

1 Ombre Nail Art Design with Hearts

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Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with this absolutely adorable manicure. The color combination is perfect. The hearts were drawn with a fine point sharpie.Products used: Candied Apple Polish ‘Vintage Romance’ & ‘Bubblicious Nettie’, and OPI Matte Top Coat.