49 Awesome DIY Wine Cork Crafts Projects and Ideas

Do you have a pile of wine corks that you don’t know how to handle? Here we have a good wine cork crafts list, from which you can choose many projects to try.

Wine corks can be turned into many creative and beautiful crafts for home decoration, children’s crafts, accessories, tools and so on. Look at these smart ideas, and start to be smart now!

1. Cork mosaic

1 Cork mosaic

Tutorial: nur-noch.blogspot.de

30 Clever Diy Wine Cork Crafts Projects

Most wine enthusiasts recycle glasses after drinking a bottle. Some of them use glass for creative and beautiful home decoration crafts. But do you know how to handle the wine stopper? Next time you open a bottle of wine, don’t throw corks into the trash can. Wine corks can make creative things you like. In today’s post, we will share some amazing and useful wine cork crafts and projects for your inspiration.

It takes only five minutes to browse through these creative crafts and projects to become cunning. You can make some simple drawer handles with corks in your spare time. The corks are well heated, so you can paint them in beautiful colors and make cup mats to protect your table.

You can also make gorgeous wine cork chandeliers to decorate great families. So what’s on your list of things to do? When you try, I want to hear from them. Hope this is a good rest, in your day, you are now pressurizing and creating tons of inspiration!

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