30 Elegant Iris Tattoos Make You More Charming

Iris is blue, its flower shape is like a butterfly, charming and moving. Now there are large areas of iris growing on the roadsides and parks in the city. This season is when iris is blooming. Its flowers are like a beautiful butterfly dancing among the green leaves. Iris is also suitable for cut flowers, or family grown flowers.

Iris is very common in the city, planting more is the kind of blue flower varieties, colorful, very outstanding. Iris has strong adaptability and cold resistance, so it can be planted in the open field in the north and blooms every spring.

Iris tattoos are very popular. Iris plays an important role in flower tattoo. So, what is the flower language of iris? What is the moral and symbol of iris tattoo? Now let’s have a look together!

1. What is the flower language of iris?

Iris flower language is gorgeous, good news Messenger, miss you, elegant heart, mission, love messenger, this kind of flower represents versatile, with a bright, brilliant personality. Iris has a variety of colors, different colors of flower language is different, white iris flower language is pure, on behalf of simple, romantic; yellow iris flower language is friendly, on behalf of friendship forever, warm and cheerful; blue iris flower language is love and auspicious; purple iris flower language is good news, Messenger, miss you.

2. The meaning and symbol of iris tattoo

Iris has the meaning of “Rainbow” in Greek, which means rich colors. Its generic name is transliterated as “Alice”. Alice is the goddess of rainbow in Greek mythology, so iris means “the messenger of love”. In ancient Egypt, irises represented “power” and “eloquence”. In Israel, yellow irises symbolized “gold”. In Europe, irises symbolized light and freedom. In China, irises symbolized love, friendship and bright future.

30 Elegant Iris Tattoos Make You More Charming

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