20 DIY Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

As the leaves start to turn and the trees take on some earthy hues, you will know that it is fall and this means that it is time to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. And as you prepare to welcome them to your home to share the Thanksgiving turkey it is also a good idea to give them something to warm their hearts. For Thanksgiving, nothing beats a homemade greetings card as it lets your loved ones know how special they are to you.

A Thanksgiving card does not have to be complicated because the message and intention are what matters. But, it is still important to make sure that the card that you make captures the mood and theme of the season. Using some fall symbols like pumpkins, fall leaves, or even a turkey and making it with an orange color paper is a perfect idea. You should also try to be creative and make the card appealing while also customizing it to conform to the likes of your friend or relative.

Check out the Thanksgiving card ideas below that you can use to say “Thank You” to your loved ones.

Soda Pop Tab Turkey Card

16 DIY Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

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