30 Pretty Yellow Nails You Can Copy

Summer is a gentle season, so it’s very suitable to make a light and bright color manicure. I don’t know if the beauties can accept the yellow series of manicures. I personally like the yellow Nails, so I collected some to share with you.

Yellow is a relatively bright color. If you don’t want to make a solid color manicure, the color you need to match is basically the same as the similar bright color or the color that won’t be abrupt.

Girls who like to do manicure will not miss one or two quite fashionable and beautiful yellow manicure styles, which are full of youth and vitality. They are the most suitable ones in this summer. Girls, if I tell you now, the best yellow manicure styles in 2020 are here, you must not miss them.

30 Pretty Yellow Nails You Can Copy

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30 Trendy Butterfly Nail Art Designs

When you finish manicure and walk on the road, your beautiful nails will win you a return rate. It can be a highlight of your whole body matching, and even add different temperament, or Fairy Spirit or charm. Butterfly Nail Art Designs is really popular this year, especially with the style of little celebrity. Butterfly nail art design, sometimes along with flower designs, are considered the most suitable for summer and spring.

The mountain flowers are gorgeous, accompanied by butterflies. Flying butterflies are a beautiful scenery in summer. How to make your nails full of summer? Just try Butterfly Nail Art Designs. In this article, we have collected 30 Trendy Butterfly Nail Art Designs for your reference. These are some attractive butterfly nail art designs.

30 Trendy Butterfly Nail Art Designs

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50 Elegant Fall Nail Art Designs that Will Beautify Your Look

Autumn is the harvest season. Many plants mature in autumn. Compared with summer, the temperature in autumn dropped significantly. With the decrease of temperature, the leaves of many deciduous perennial plants will gradually change color, wither and fall, leaving only branches to spend the winter. And annual herbs will come to the end of their lives, withering to death.

Autumn is here. It’s time to design your own nail art for autumn. Today we have collected 50 elegant fall nail art designs that will beautify your look.

1 Fall Nail Art Designs

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32 Pretty Leaf Nail Art Designs

Leaf nails are designed for all seasons. For example, tropical rainforest countries can use large green leaves as nail designs all year round. Countries with distinct seasons all year round have corresponding leaves of different sizes and colors in spring, summer and autumn.

In this article today, we have collected 32 pretty leaf nail art designs for your choice. Most of them are tropical leaf nail design, suitable for all seasons.

1 Leaf Nail Art Designs

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48 Stylish Acrylic White Nail Art Designs and Ideas

White nail art designs have always been popular with women, because white represents purity. White nails look simple and beautiful, but also gorgeous. Adding a little embellishment to a simple white paint will give you a more fashionable appearance. So you can easily get a gorgeous white nail art design.

In this article today, we collected 48 stylish acrylic white nail art designs for you, chose one of your favorite and shared it with your friends. I hope these white nails will inspire you.

1 White Nail Art Designs

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30 Stylish Short Gel Nail Designs

In recent years, the popularity of gel nail designs have been increasing. We all know that gel nails are better than acrylic nails because they have little space for improvement. If used as primers, they can help fix real nails.

If you like Gel nails, you can try different shapes of Gel nails. Now, let’s take a look at 30 Stylish Short Gel Nail Art Designs we have gathered for you. I hope you can find the one you like best.

1 Short Gel Nail Designs

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