10 DIY Cord Organizers That Will Keep Your Home Clean

Cables, cords and chargers have become an unavoidable – if unsightly – part of life in the 21st Century. Even “cordless” products still have to be charged at some time, which can sometimes make your home feel like one giant charging station. For some people, even their cars need to be charged at the end of the day! While our electronic and other cordless devices make our lives so much easier in some ways, managing all of the many cables, cords and chargers that our devices and appliances require can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task.

If you feel like your house has just become one giant mass of cables and cords, there is hope! Here, we have assembled for you a killer list of the very best cable and cord organizers that will keep your home neat, tidy and free of cable clutter.

Use Washi Tape Labels to Identify the Mess of Cords

1 DIY Cord Organizers That Will Keep Your Home Clean
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