11 Creative Ruler Crafts for Back To School or Teacher Gifts

Rulers are usually used to measure things. But with a bit of creativity and a little of handiwork, these wooden rulers can be also used to create some creative things. Take a look at these creative ruler crafts that we rounded up recently. These crafts include vintage ruler table, DIY ruler vase, personalized ruler wreath, lampshade, wall mirror and so on. These crafts are super easy to make, but satisfyingly challenging for the imagination, and finally aesthetically pleasing and will be perfect for back-to-school or teacher gifts. Let’s head over to these collection ideas and get much more inspiration for our own ruler crafts.

Personalized Ruler Wreath

1 Personalized Ruler Wreath

Ruler wreath is super easy to make and makes a perfect back to school gifts for any teacher. Lear how to make it here.