32 Cool DIY Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas

The baby shower is a time for every mother to be filled with joy and expectation, when her friends and wishers gather to welcome her baby to the world. A good way to preserve this memory is to create a baby shower guest book. Creative and thoughtful DIY baby shower guest book ideas are the new trend in modern times.

The following DIY baby shower guest Book ideas are very suitable for adding personalized and innovative touches to your party.

Block Sign In Book

9 Block Sign In Book

The perfect guestbook idea is one that infuses some fun, creativity and emotion in your baby shower. Decorative, conveniently sized blocks do exactly that. Have your guests leave their initials and messages on these blocks. You will need varying colors of Sharpie markers and beige blocks. Create a catchy sign on baby pink cardstock inviting guests to sign on the blocks. Years later, when you’re down and out and busy struggling with parenthood, these will act as tiny reminders of all the precious sentiments you felt on this joyous day.