21 Creative Ways to Cover Your Books

Besides a compelling and interesting story, the book covers are one of the most important elements of your book. They have always been necessities for book lovers and are perfect for protecting and preserving cherished books from hurt. With back to school time just around the corner, many parents and kids are getting prepared for various school supplies to go back to school, including making new book covers to personalize their new books.

In this post, we are sharing some of our favorite DIY book covers for your inspiration. From duct tape to crocheted covers, from vintage to girly fabric covers, there must be something special for you. Get some inspiration from these pretty projects and start wrapping!

Golden Polka Dot Notebook Cover

8 Golden Polka Dot Notebook Cover

Have you wondered how to get these golden polka dots? It is very easy. For the polka dots, you just need to use a regular hole puncher to punch out holes in the gold vinyl. Get more directions here.