21 DIY Pencil Skirt Ideas & Tutorials

A pencil skirt is a form-fitting garment that usually falls to the knee or just below for a professional setting. It looks great no matter your height or body type. The figure hugging nature also makes you look more sexy and fashion. Pencil skirts are often paired with a leather jacket, a blouse or cardigan as part of a fashionable woman’s suit for both formal and informal settings. There are many pencil skirts with various patterns and sizes available in the clothing stores. You can choose to buy or with a bit of creativity and a little of handiwork, you can try creating your own with the materials around yourself. Even, you can make some out of the old clothing, like pants or old men’s shirts.
We have collected a lot of pencil skirt patterns for your inspiration in today’s post. All of these pencil skirts are easy to make with the fullest tutorials or more details and will take you very little time. Whether you want something to wear to the office or you have other plans for these skirts, there is bound to be a pattern that you simply must make.

DIY Fitted Pencil Skirt

1 DIY Pencil Skirt Ideas  and  Tutorials

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