26 Cool DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier Inspirations

Unique and beautiful shape and different tones of wine bottle make it a multi-functional decoration. Many craftsmen transform ordinary wine bottles into artistic, interesting and gorgeous projects, such as flower pots, chandeliers, candlesticks, decorative bells and so on. If you want to add a customized design to your home, unique projects, such as turning wine bottles into chandeliers, can be a great choice and add more charm and interest.

In today's post, we summarized some ideas about how to turn a common bottle into a DIY chandelier. With a little imagination, creativity and color, these bottles can be hung anywhere to create a very special center, such as above the table or in the center of the room. Take five minutes to browse through these most creative wine bottle chandeliers, which will definitely give you a lot of inspiration and give your favorite one a try.

Tuscan Style Chandeliers 6

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