23 Creative Under Bed Storage Ideas for Bedroom

A bed takes up a great deal of room, whether in the master bedroom, the kids’ rooms or the guest suite. If you have storage problems, so why not make full use of the valuable space beneath when thinking creatively. You can take advantage of the space under the bed to store toys, stow away seasonal items or extend limited closet and dresser space.

Take a look at these creative under bed storage ideas in this post, which are ranging from wood rack shoe organizer or storage drawers on wheels to DIY under bed rolling storage crates or painted cardboard box. These storage solutions provide clever ways to use space that might otherwise go to waste and to help inspire you to get organized.

Recycled Wood Boxes for Under Bed Storage

12 Recycled Wood Boxes for Under Bed Storage

A great way to recycle the wood boxes from your fruits and vegetable shop. Paint them in the color as you like and place them under your bed for extra storage in your bedroom. See more details here.