25 Awesome DIY Ideas & Tutorials to Repurpose Old Windows

We DIY lovers know that nothing old should be thrown away because they’re going to be perfect materials for the next project. In today’s post, we are showing you how to reuse old windows as great home decor.
When we are thinking creatively, old windows are ideal for recycling into different projects with a bit of handiwork and a little of creativity. They can infuse vintage and rustic feel when they are used as functional decorations for your home. And they are abundantly available, for free or a nominal cost from flea markets and yard sales.
Just take 5 minutes to browse through these creative DIY old window decoration ideas and get crafty. You can take use of old windows to make rustic coffee table. You can also turn your old windows into lovely keepsakes for wall decor. Antique windows headboard is easy to make and perfect for vintage decoration. So which ones are going on your list of things to do? Would love to hear about them when you give them a try. Hope this was a nice little break in your day and that you are now supercharged with tons of creating inspiration!

DIY Wood Pallet Window Coffee Table

1 Awesome DIY Ideas  and  Tutorials to Repurpose Old Windows

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