30 DIY Ideas & Tutorials To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Things

Recycling is very important - it's a message that's got into our minds from a very young age. However, when you can't see its use, it's hard to have the power to recycle plastic bottles, such as water and soda bottles.

Making your own recycling project is a good way to reuse these plastic bottles and conserve the environment. It's also a wonderful way to understand the value of recycling and give new life to materials. If that's not good enough, you can save your money by creating new products that are both convenient and useful through the DIY recycling project. These handicrafts are usually unique, because it's hard for anyone to make them exactly like you.

Do you need inspiration before you start stockpiling plastic bottles? These projects will make you creative and we can guarantee it safely.

Geometric Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser

25 DIY Ideas  and  Tutorials To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Useful Things

Do you happen to use a lot of plastic bags, drink a lot of soda and have tons of CDs you never listen to anymore around? Then this project is one you will want to make. This holder and dispenser is just as good and functional as those you can get from the store, but it won’t cost you anymore money and it will actually help you get rid of clutter. via ourpeacefulplanet.