26 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas & Tutorials

On Valentine's Day, when everyone on your card list opens your envelope and sends you heartfelt greetings, they will feel very special. When you think about good times together and what they mean to you, find inspiration for writing your personalized notes.

Early Valentine's Day was handcrafted with love inscriptions that were tied to doorknobs or slid under doors. One of the cute designs is sure to make your lover dizzy or your girlfriend giggle.

Teachers will like our idea of Valentine's Day cards. Students can make their own cards. Parents will come up with ways to skip Valentine's Day bought in stores this year and help children make cool cards with the surprises they bring to their classmates.

This year, when you give up your heart, start using these unique DIY Valentine's Day cards. Because no one loves them as much as you do.

Love Letter Valentine’s Day Decor

26 DIY Valentines Day Decorations

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