26 Creative DIY Washi Tape Decorating Ideas

Washi tape is a kind of decorative Japanese tape that crafters are completely obsessed with. They come in lots and lots of colors and patterns and is easily removable without leaving damage or residue. In the hand of creative crafters, it has endless possibilities from creative party decor to colorful wallpaper to college belongings. It makes everything it’s stuck to the most adorable thing in the world. Washi tape is the perfect little helper when creating low-budget decorative projects in your home or homemade gifts.

In today’s post, we have rounded up some creative and adorable ways to decorate with washi tape, which surely inspire you much. These washi tape projects include photo frame, garland, personalized notebooks, wall decor, furniture makeovers and holiday crafts. These tutorials and ideas show you just how easy and versatile Washi tape can be! Check out our DIY washi tape decorating projects below and feel free to share your thoughts and projects in the comment section or on our social platforms.

Corkboard and Washi Tape Used as the Wall Art

22 Corkboard and Washi Tape Used as the Wall Art