26 DIY Dresser Makeover Ideas & Tutorials

When your old dressers go out of style, don’t be so quick to pass them by and go for a new one. When thinking creatively, why buy not DIY? With a bit of handiwork and a little of creativity, there are a lot of ways to give outdated or simply ugly dresser a fresh makeover that fits right into your bedroom’s style without spending a fortune on the web. For example, you can use the fabric and spar paints together with some stylish patterned, like stripes, chevron, polka dots and more to instantly change the old and outdated one into a modern and trendy masterpiece. Or have a campaign style dresser revival by adding some gilded designs.

Today, we are sharing with you lots of beautiful and stylish dresser makeovers that you can easily DIY, only by following some simple steps. From using paper to fabric to always-reliable paint, these dresser makeovers are utterly delightful. Please take time to browse through these collections and start to give your old dresser a new life with these great ideas! Enjoy!

Textured Panel Dresser

2 Textured Panel Dresser

See the tutorial here.