28 Beautiful DIY Balloon Decoration Ideas

Most people love balloons as fast, easy and fun way to decorate for theme parties, showers, wedding, festival events, or any occasion they want. That’s because nothing says “celebration” like balloons which vary in color, shape and size. And beautiful balloons are impressive because they create both dramatic and high visual impact. Stunning balloons will transform your great venue into a fantastic venue guaranteed to WOW your guests as they walk in.

As a great way to pop your decor, amazing balloon decorations may be a less expensive option than other decorating concepts such as floral. But making your own balloon decorations at home allows you to save even more money and add your own personal touch. Today we are sharing some beautiful DIY balloon decoration ideas that you can make it yourself. No matter what type of event you are planning, you can use these creative and beautiful DIY balloon decoration ideas to make your special day unforgettable. Check them out now!

Cover Bottles or Jars with Decorative Balloons

1 Cover Bottles or Jars with Decorative Balloons

She blows up 16″ balloons to stretch them out, then covers the bottle! What an easy and creative idea! So quick and fun! Via youtube. If you need some Light blue balloons with falling snowflakes, get them via Amazon.