48 Stylish DIY Shelves With Lots of Tutorials

Shelving not only provides a perfect storage solution, but also adds decoration to your home. We have 48 Stylish DIY Shelves here. You can easily make your own things without spending a lot of money. These ideas include using DIY wooden shelves in the bathroom to store beauty products, or baby items in the baby's room, or your laundry supplies in the laundry room!

Most of them have step by step tutorials for you to learn. Take time to browse through our collection and choose a start you like to build your own shelves.

Stacked End Table Shelf

14 Stacked End Table Shelf
Oh, my god! This gorgeous and elegant shelf is transferred from an old end table. I want it in my room! You can also make your own one with the DIY tutrorial via infarrantly creative.