47 DIY PVC Pipe Project Ideas & Tutorials

Find some simple and practical handicrafts at home? How about doing something interesting and creative with a multifunctional PVC pipes? PVC pipe is a kind of plastic pipe used to transport water, gas and chemicals. Because of its various sizes, strengths and many advantages, PVC pipes have been widely used in the construction industry. But in recent years, DIY enthusiasts are increasingly using PVC tubes for many other purposes.

More and more talented craftsmen are showing us how to use PVC pipes to make useful things. You can find a ton online without blowing the dust.

Here, we have selected some of the best DIY PVC pipe project ideas and guidance to stimulate your inspiration. Look at these interesting and creative DIY PVC pipe projects and learn how the master mixes pipes and connectors to create a variety of things for your storage, furniture and home decoration.

The Washi Tape holder

1 The Washi Tape holder